Wood in my live

Wood has clearly been ever present in my life.

As a child I spend a lot of time in my grandparents forest. Later on I studied forestry and started my first job in tree nursery. My first business as an arborist/treesurgeon led me to a course in Canada. There I learned how to build log homes with nothing more than hand tools and a chainsaw.

Soon however, I realized that I’m focused too much on details for such big projects as handcrafted log homes. Downsizing was the logical consequence.

First down to traditional wooden fences and gates (gärdesgård) and finally I got to something that’s only 30x45x5 cm. Where all details stay visible, where all details matter.

Endgrain cuttingboards: where the character of every single piece of wood

shows up through the distinct pattern of the growth rings.

No two endgrain cuttingboards will ever be the same.

This completes the circle: first I studied trees, then I grew them, later I climbed

and pruned them and finally I started creating long lasting products

with their beautiful wood.

So I think it is fair to say that here at Smetsson, we understand wood…

All Smetsson products are handcrafted in a one man woodshop, located in Bonäshamn, Jämtland. This is complemented by my better half, who does the administration and the more artistic part of our products, namely the pyrography.

Because I consider wood to be a valuable resource, I always try to maximize the use of every bit of wood that enters my woodshop. That is why almost all of our cutting boards have slightly different dimensions.

By investing in premium tools and machines (e.g. Festool, Felder, Mafell, Mirka,…) and selecting the finest wood, we manage to deliver high quality craftsmanship. The result are beautiful and long lasting endgrain cutting boards, build to be enjoyed for many many years.

Happy cutting!